You must be at least 25 years of age to make a reservation for our Red Oak Cabin. 21 years of age for our Aspen Cabin and Sugar Maple Cabin and 30 years of age to rent our Redbud Cabin. At least one staying guest must be of the ages listed above. You will be required to send us a picture of your photo ID and a completed guest registration form for your reservation to be complete. The Renter agrees to take full responsibility for any accident; injury or damage that may result in or about the premises, to persons or property and that Bear Run Inn Cabins & Cottages (BRICC) shall not be held liable, or responsible for such injury, accident or damage. The Renter assumes all charges incurred and or damages to the premises, structures, or contents, during the stay, caused by the reserving party or its guests. BRICC reserves the right to charge the Renter's credit card for any damages or excessive cleaning from your stay. If you notice any problems upon checking in, please inform us immediately to avoid any damages being charged to your account. BRICC assumes no responsibility for damages or loss of items belonging to our guests. The Renter agrees to vacate the premises in clean condition and in as good of a condition as when entering. Inspection of the premises will be made by BRICC after termination of the rental period.

Any missing items will be charged the appropriate replacement cost plus labor. Do not rearrange any furniture or appliances. Do not decorate without written approval i.e. No silly string, confetti or Christmas lights. No use of tape or adhesive on any surfaces. Do not disconnect, alter or add electronic appliances to the television system. As for any missing or damaged items, we will send you an itemized statement within 7 days of your departure. Examples of additional charges: $25.00 per hour, per staff member for additional cleaning, $25.00 for reconnection of the TV, VCR, DVD or Satellite System. $15.00 per Missing/Ruined Linens or Towels. Other damages to hot tub, grills, flooring, etc will be determined upon inspection.

Rates are based on guest minimums per cabin /per night. Each additional guest is $25.00/person/night. Children ages 0-2 are free. Rates do not include a 7.25% State Sales Tax and a 6% Bed Tax. All rates and taxes are subject to change without notice. These rates may vary due to booking engine used to reserve.

50% deposit is required for all reservations (Inn & Cabins) payable by Credit Card. Balance is due 3 weeks (21 days) before arrival payable by CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or AMEX. Balance is due 30 days prior if you have reserved with another booking engine other than our website.

Reservations made 3 weeks or less from intended arrival will pay the entire balance due at the time of reservation.

If you reserved right through our website you will be charged a 6% booking fee. This booking fee is only refundable within 20 days of reserving in the instance you would need to cancel. You will have agreed to these cancellation terms when making the reservation. If you cancel outside of 22 days prior to your reservation we do keep 6% for processing.

The REGISTERED GUEST INFORMATION form must be on file before your arrival and to complete your reservation. We request a final registered guest occupancy count at least (3) weeks prior to arrival. No one will be permitted to enter any of our facilities without the Guest Registration Form or photo ID (only the person who reserved) on file.

All guests must be registered and visitors authorized by Bear Run Inn Cabins & Cottages.

Day Visitors not permitted. Anyone not on the guest registration form is not permitted to enter our facilities.

Responsible children are welcome. All children must be under adult supervision at all times.

Fireworks, loud parties, music or sounds, illegal use of drugs, tents, campers or outdoor equipment are not permitted. Open fires are only permitted in designated fire pit areas.

Occasionally appliances, hot tubs, fireplaces, etc, can malfunction. We will service and restore these amenities as quickly as we can, but are unable to make any rental concession for time without these items. Likewise, loss of electricity, water, or other "Acts of God or Nature" that are outside of our control will not result in a refund. Due to cleaning and servicing, hot tubs are sometimes not up to full temperature at the time of check in and may need additional hours to heat. We ask that you follow all guidelines and policies regarding use of amenities in order to keep them functioning at peak efficiency. Failure to do so may result in damage or excessive cleaning charges.

We will respond as soon as possible to clear snow and ice from driveways. However, four wheel drive is highly recommended in the winter at all of our facilities.

Bear Run Inn Cabins & Cottages will check the hot tub chemicals as needed during your stay for your safety.

Bear Run Inn Cabins & Cottages are SMOKE FREE inside. A $500.00 cleaning fee for smoking anything inside the facility. Smoking outside near the door with the door open will let smoke inside and will result in this charge.

NO PETS PERMITTED ANYTIME! If pets are found in your facility, you will be asked to leave with no refund. Any pet damages will be charged to the credit card on file. Charges will be determined based on the amount of damage incurred. Please let us know if you have a service animal before your arrival.

Our facilities are located in a rural setting. Insects and animals are a part of this environment. No refunds or abatements in the rent will be made due to the presence of such insects or critters.

Gift Certificates are valid for one year from date of purchase.

We allow one reschedule or a gift certificate for the amount of payment made for first time cancellations. No refunds will be given to any reservations that have been rescheduled and then cancelled for a second time.

Bring firewood for fire rings, charcoal and lighter fluid for the charcoal grill, old towels or rags for wiping boots, etc and gear for fishing & hiking.

Any items left behind in our facilities that you would like shipped back are a minimum of $25 to ship back. Larger and more heavier items will cost more to ship. Please make sure you have all your belongings before checking out.

Facility Damage Fees:

  • $25.00 per hour/per staff member for excessive cleaning
  • $50 per damaged deck cushion (i.e. cigarette burns, rips or tears)
  • $60.00 per damaged grill cover
  • $100.00 per hot tub drainage due to mistreatment of the hot tub ( i.e. broken glass, rocks, mud, silly string, confetti, toys, etc.)
  • $200.00 per broken hot tub butler repair/ replacement
  • $500.00 per hot tub lid replacement (sitting or laying items on the lid will result in damage)
  • $500 for smoking inside. If you smoke near an entrance or window and it is open and the smoke goes inside the cabin you will be charged to fumigate also. If we find any ashes of any kind inside the cabin this will also result in a $500 charge.
  • Cost of damages will be determined for broken items, rips, stains, marks, cigarette burns¸ etc on furnishings and carpet in the facility.

Cancellation Policies

  • 6% processing fee for each cancellation plus 6% service fee if cancelled outside 20 days of reserving.
  • Refunds are given on the following formula:
  • 30 days or more notice from scheduled arrival - Full Refund of Deposit minus the cancellation fee and service fee (if applies)
  • 22- 30 days notice from scheduled arrival - 50% Refund of Deposit plus the cancellation fee and service fee (if applies)
  • 21 days or less (including last minute reservations) – No refund of deposit plus the balance due will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • In the event of an early departure or in the case of inclement weather, we are unable to give any kind of refund.
  • We do recommend purchasing travel insurance due to the uncertainty with COVID and weather. We also do our best to work with our guests during these times.